Mosaic Infusion Solutions

When faced with the need for infusion therapy allow our experienced team to offer you peace of mind, comfort and convenience utilizing customized programs to help combat both acute and chronic illnesses, rare diseases as well as complex medical conditions.

Patients Receive Quality Care In A Supportive Environment

Committed to excellent service, our vision is to combine the administrative efficiencies of a large organization with the flexibility, responsiveness and entrepreneurial spirit of a local provider. By investing in some of the best local providers in Mosaic, we aim to increase geographic coverage, expand product offerings and share our success with the communities we serve.

We Believe Specialty Infusion Is A Local Business

The level of trust we reach with patients cannot be achieved from a centralized or remote location. Our local model assures the responsiveness, quality and personal touch they expect:

  • Individualized patient care
  • Ongoing communication with physicians and patients
  • Highly qualified Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses
  • 24/7 clinical support
  • Unparalleled education–based program

We Aim To Make Your Job Easier

Mosaic is in-network with most providers and offers:

  • Timely insurance verification expediting patient care
  • Experts in navigating eligible financial assistance programs
  • A designated clinician with personal insight
  • Clinical feedback in case your patients need therapy modification
  • Unparalleled patient education and training

What Sets Mosaic Apart

Mosaic was created with the patient experience in mind. When you trust your patients’ care with us, we promise a personalized infusion experience.

  • Scheduling to fit your unique needs with extended weekday hours as well as weekend options by appointment
  • Convenient location with onsite parking
  • Continuity of care and rapport with our friendly team
  • Both community and private room options
  • Comfortable experience – offering drinks/snacks, fully adjustable recliners, blankets and WiFI
  • Adult and Pediatric expertise

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